Avoiding Price Wars

Repricing to win the buy box is not the only important aspect of increasing your profit on Amazon. Learn how to make sure your prices don’t drop too low with EVA.

Price War Avoidance Strategies

Review your buy box status and position:

Use EVA’s Filters in the pricing management tab to review your buy box status. You may want to change your minimum price first before going into pricing strategies. You can easily export the filtered data and review the SKUs in bulk if necessary.

Buy box matching Setting:

You can slow the drop in sales price by selecting a percentage of buy box ownership. EVA will reach your desired percentage and maintain it. You can change this setting on a store-wide level or on specific SKUs at any time. Review the process in more detail here:

Competing with the same fulfilment type Setting:

EVA can tell when your competitors are FBA or FBM allowing you to be able to choose if you would like to compete with the same fulfilment type. Owning the buy box as an FBA with a higher price is a common occurrence. Dropping your price to compete with a competing FBM is unnecessary. You can select the setting to compete with the same fulfilment type in EVA. Review how this works here:

Inventory Protection Trigger Setting:

EVA can calculate the number of days of inventory you have left by using your inventory and your sales velocity. This allows you to select how many days of inventory you would like to hold while the EVA increases your price to share the buy box so that you don’t run completely out of inventory. This is especially important to protect your IPI score.

Back Order Inventory Setting:

When your SKUs are back ordered you may want to stop decreasing your prices to ensure that you can fulfil your SKUs. With EVA you can select if you want to set your price to your average selling price or if you want to match and share the buy box with your competitors. And if you believe you would rather continue to win the buy box you can do that as well.

Scheduled Pricing Setting:

Have more control over the price drops by setting a scheduled price. This will allow you to drop your minimum price by a selected percentage every number of days that is chosen by you. This allows you to choose when and how much to decrease the prices when there is a need. You can review this in detail here:

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