Profit Analytics Graph

Eva provides detailed profit analytics for each SKU based on sales made in the last 7-14-30-60 days. In order to check, you can follow these steps;

  • Go to the “Pricing Management” page
  • Find the relevant SKU or search it on “Filter By”
  • Click on the Pricing Actions and Analytics” button

Please see Figure 1 below.

Profit Analytics 5
Figure 1: Pricing Actions and Analytics Button

After clicking the button, a pop-up screen will appear. You can go and click on the “Profit Analytics” tab to see the related chart for the relevant SKU.
Please note that you can see the “Profit Analytics” only for the SKUs for which product cost is entered. Please see Figure 2 below.

2022 05 09 14 50 29 Greenshot 3
Figure 2: Profit Analytics Chart

On the “Profit Analytics” chart;

  • The following data are displayed as default: “Sales Amount“, “Total Expense“, and “COGS
  • It is also possible to include “Average Profit“, “Profit“, and “Margin” by clicking on the name of the data you want to include.

Each data is represented with a color, which is shown with a colored ball next to them.

Please note that the cost data is calculated based on historical cost.

Please see Figure 3 below.

Profit Analytics Data
Figure 3: Data Displayed on Profit Analytics

This is a two-axes chart. The first axis represents the monetary amount (please see the horizontal axis in Figure 4 below) and the second axis represents the date (please see the vertical axis in Figure 4 below).

Profit Analytics Ver Hor
Figure 4: Profit Analytics Axis

It is an interactive chart, which means that each data can be included in or excluded from the chart with a simple click. To do so, you can go and click on the related data. The excluded data will be shown as faded.

On the right side of the chart, there is a detailed list of each date when there was a sale for the particular SKU. Please see Figure 5 below.

Detailed List
Figure 5: Detailed List

It is possible to check the detailed list for each date. To do so, you can go and click on a particular date on the chart, and on the right side, the related list will be displayed.

If you have not added your Amazon Advertising Account to Eva yet, you will see a “Connect Advertising” button next to “Advertising Cost” in the list. You can simply click on it to add your Amazon advertising account to Eva.

At the bottom of the chart, the sum of the following data for the last 30-days is displayed;

  • Total Sales“, “Total Expense“, “Total Profit“, “Organic Sales“, Total Advertising Cost“, “Advertising Sales“, and “ACoS

In addition, the average of the following data for the last 30-days is displayed;

  • Avg. Cost “, “Avg. ROI%, and “Avg. Margin%

Please see Figure 6 below.

Profit Analytics Bottom Data
Figure 6: Bottom Chart for Profit Analytics

To change the time slot, you can go and click on the dropdown menu on the upper right side. Please see Figure 7 below.

Dropdown Menu 2
Figure 7: The Dropdown Menu
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