Inventory Health Report

Keep track of the age of your inventory and make business decisions based on the data supplied by the Inventory Health Report!

You can track your excess and aging inventory in one panel, which gives a variety of statistics to assist you in making business decisions such as repricing, advertising, and removals.

Once you click on Inventory Management, the Inventory Health Report option will appear. See Figure 1 below.

Image 36
Figure 1 Inventory Health Report

The Inventory Health report is updated every 12 hours and will show data from the last 72 hours.

Filter Options

Inventory Health Report Filters help you to customize your products by filtering them. This option helps you to analyze your SKUs more efficiently and accordingly. This is very useful for the users to search specific SKUs and observe their data. Please see Figure 2 below.

Image 39
Figure 2 – Filter Options

Filter By:

This is the area where you can input your ASIN, SKU or Product Name to review the specific product that you are looking for. Please see the first section on Figure 2 below.

Image 44
Figure 2 – Filter By


This filter allows you to see products based on their Inbound Status, such as Shipping, Working, Receiving or All in once. Please see the second section on Figure 2 below.

Image 41
Figure 3 – Inbound

Inventory Age:

This filter option allows you to search your products based on the inventory age. The inventory age drop-down menu in the filter bar allows you to select an inventory age range between 0 to 365 or 365+ days. Please see Figure 4 below.

Image 46
Figure 4 – Inventory Age

Storage Type:

You can use this filter to see products based on their Storage Type, such as Aerosol, Apparel, Flammable, Footwear, Oversize, Standard-size or Other.

Image 47
Figure 5 – Storage Type

Export Inventory Health Report

You can export a spreadsheet to access all of the data in the Inventory Health Report by clicking on the `Inventory Health Report Data` button. Please see Figure 6 below.

Image 38
Figure 6 – Export Inventory Health Report

Product Details

Beside from filter options, you can display your products based on availability units, inbound quantity units, inventory age, estimated excess units and estimated long-term storage fee amount. Please see Figure 7 below.

Image 48
Figure 7 – Product Details

Available: This number represent the units of products that are sellable.

Inbound Quantity: This number is the total quantity of the working, shipped and received Inbound products.

Inventory Age: Inventory age represent the age of your in-stock units. It includes the available and reserved units while excluding the removal units.

Estimated excess units: Estimated excess units are those for which we estimate that keeping them in stock and paying storage charges will cost you more than advertising, liquidating, or removing them.

Estimated long-term storage fee: If no further units are sold, this is the expected number of units that will be subject to long-term storage fees (if applicable) on your next charge date.

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