How to Liquidate Your Stocks

There are several ways where you can liquidate your stocks in Eva. You can apply the steps and the features below to do so.

Scheduled Pricing

Scheduled Pricing is a feature to reduce your minimum price for certain intervals and percentages for a selected SKU. The scheduled pricing tool can be found at the Pricing Management panel.

After you filter your SKU, you will see a Pricing Settings button on the line. Please see Figure 1

Image 26
Figure 1 – Pricing Settings

After clicking the Pricing Settings button, a pop-up menu will appear. Click the Set Scheduled Price option; two boxes will appear. The first box is the percentage you want to reduce your minimum price. The second box is the time interval that you are going to set. Please see Figure 2.

Image 27
Figure 2 – Setting Scheduled Pricing

In this example, we set a rule for Eva to reduce the minimum price every seven days. Let’s say you are selling a product with a $100 minimum price. Eva will reduce your minimum price to $80 on the 7th day when you set Scheduled Pricing. On the 8th day it will go back to $100.

Important reminder: You should click the save button after you finish your transactions to settle your rule.

Minimum Advertising Price (MAP)

Minimum Advertising Price (MAP) is a feature that allows you to set time intervals for the minimum price is active. MAP tool can be found in Pricing Settings. A pop-up menu will occur once you click pricing settings. See Figure 3

Image 26
Figure 3 – Pricing Settings

Click on the Set Map Price box to enable the MAP Pricing option. You will see that a box will appear; you should insert a minimum price in this box. See Figure 4.

Figure 4 - Setting MAP Price

Figure 4

It would be best to consider that you cannot activate Fixed Price and MAP Price features simultaneously. The next step is selecting a time interval for your Min. Price. Then, click the Edit button to set the time intervals. See Figure 5.

Image 29
Figure 5 – Edit Button

Clicking the Edit button will open a three-box menu where you can choose days and time intervals. Your minimum price will be activated between these time intervals. You can set more than one rule for a selected SKU. See Figure 6.

Image 30
Figure 6 – MAP Price

Note that your minimum price will be activated only between these time intervals. Besides these intervals, your regular pricing will be activated.

Important reminder: You should click the save button after you finish your transactions to apply the setting.

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