Getting Amazon Settlement Report

To get an Amazon Settlement Report, follow these steps:

First, log in to your Seller Central. Then, hover to the Reports section that is on the top menu, this will open a dropdown menu. Select the Payments on the dropdown menu. See Figure 1.

Image 9
Figure 1 – Reports – Payments Section on Seller Central

By clicking the Payments, you will open your Payment Dashboard where you can find your financial data.

Click on All Statements to request a Settlement Report. On the All Statements page, you can see your already created Settlement Reports. See Arrow 1 in Figure 2. Do not forget that Settlement Reports are created biweekly. If you want to search a specific time frame, you can enter your desired time frame and click on Search. See Arrow 2 and 3 in Figure 2.

Image 10
Figure 2 – All Statements

To download your Settlement Report, click on the Download Flat File V2 button that is on the right side of your report. See Figure 3.

Image 11
Figure 3 – Downloading Settlement Report

By clicking that, you will download your Settlement Report in the Flat File V2 format.

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