How to Change Amazon Store Name

You can change your Amazon store name through Seller Central. Here’s a general guide on how you will be able to do it;

  • Log in to your Seller Central account using your seller credentials.
  • On the upper right-hand corner, select the “Settings” tab and click “Account Info.”

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Sdnzszwmthwjzksgwagv Account Info 2

  • Click on “Your Seller Profile”.
  • Click “Display Name” under “Business Information”.

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Ceynui11t82tqkxdwwpx Seller Profile 1

  • The Seller Information page displays the many marketplaces in which you are currently selling, as well as your store and customer service information.

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Figure 3 – Seller Info Marketplaces
  • Select the marketplace for which you wish to change your storefront name, and then enter your new name in the “Display Name” section.
  • Click “Submit”.

On Amazon, your Storefront name will appear below product titles on your listings, in the Buy Box (where different sellers for the same generic item are presented near the Add to Cart button), and on your storefront website.

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