Discounts Provided by Amazon

One of the numerous ways Amazon assists in ensuring that customers find products at reasonable costs is the Discounts Provided by Amazon program.

Customers who purchase specific products from Amazon may receive a discount on selling prices. In these situations, sellers will be compensated for the order and will also pay referral fees depending on the full item price that they specified.

Amazon applies these discounts on the product detail page, with a note stating that the discount is provided by Amazon.

In other words, Amazon is cutting down third-party seller prices to be more competitive with other online websites and covers the difference between the discount and the listing price, refunding the seller.

All sellers will be eligible to participate in this program, and the program will not affect the ability to offer other promotions.

Please note that during that discount Eva will show the Current Price in the platform as your Listing Price, not discounted price since Amazon does not provide the discount data to Eva.

In other words, you may encounter different prices on Amazon and Eva if Amazon provided a discount for your product.

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