Daily Sales Chart

The Daily Sales graph displays the data of sales and profit on a daily basis along with their average in the last 30 days. 

In the daily sales chart advertising cost is deducted from profit data.

The chart rolls out both categorical and numeric data for sales and profit. 

It is a two-axis chart and you can find explanations below.

Axis 1: This axis demonstrates the monetary amount in the currency of the marketplace your store operates in. You can see which currency is used in the brackets. Please see arrow 1 in Figure 1 below.

Axis 2: This axis demonstrates the historical data. The data is batched on a daily basis.  Please see arrow 2 in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1 Two Axes Of Daily Sales Graph
Figure 1 Two Axes Of Daily Sales Graph

It is possible to check the relevant data over the last sixty, thirty, and seven days on the graph. You can change the time slot by using the dropdown menu on the upper right side. Please see Figure 2 below.

Figure 2 Time Slot Drop Down Menu
Figure 2 Time Slot Drop Down Menu

You can also download an excel file where you can find detailed information for the sales in the last 60 days, 30 days or 7 days. Choose the time slot of which data you want to see and then go and click on ‘Export’ button to download the file. Please see Figure 3 below.

Figure 3 Export Button
Figure 3 Export Button

Each color represents a specific group on the chart, which is indicated by the color balls and figures next to the related group. 

The sales amount for each day is on the related bar. When you want to see detailed data of a day, go and hover over the bar of the related day. A pop-up list will appear. On this list, you can see the sales, profit, number of orders, and the number of units. Please note that units represent the total number of items in all the orders on that day. Please see Figure 4 below. 

Figure 3 Pop Up List For Each Day
Figure 4 Pop Up List On Daily Sales

If you want to check a specific group on the chart, go to the related group and hover over the name of the related group. You can see the related group in an emphasized way and you will not see the rest. Please see Figure 5below.

Figure 4 Emphasized Data On Daily Sales Chart
Figure 5 Emphasized Data On Daily Sales

If you want to exclude one or more than one of these groups, go to the related group and click on the group name. The data of the related groups will be excluded from the chart. When you want to include them back into the chart, simply go and click on the group again. Please see Figure 6 below. 

Figure 5 Daily Sales And Last 30 Days Avg. Profit Ecluded On Daily Sales
Figure 6 Daily Sales Graph Without Daily Sales and Last 30 Days Avg. Profit Data

It is also possible to check the detailed information on the SKU level for each day. To do so, go and click on the bar of the related day, you will see every SKU sold on that day with the information of ‘Sales Amount’, ‘Number of Units Sold’, ‘Average Selling Price’, and ‘SKU Refund Rate’ down below. Besides you can filter a specific SKU by using the search bar. Please see Figure 7 below.

Figure 7
Figure 7 SKU Level Information In A Day

Comparing Sales

You can compare the sales on two different days. To do so, go and click on the days that you want to compare and the sales will be listed below. Please see Figure 8 below. Box 1 represents the data for the first day chosen, Box 2 represents the data for the second day chosen. Box 3 indicates the decrease or increase in the sales comparing the first day with the second day. The red cursor facing down represents a decrease while the green cursor facing up represents an increase. Box 4 represents the refund rate of the SKU in the last 90 days.

Figure 15
Figure 8 Comparing Two Days On SKU Level

When you click on an SKU, the related related ‘Pricing Actions and Anlaytics’ card will pop up where you can check all the detailed information. Please see Figure 9 below.

Figure 9 Pricing Actions
Figure 9 Pricing Actions And Analytics

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