How to Check Refund Rate on Eva

What is Refund Rate? 

Amazon customers have a right to send the order back via the A-to-z Guarantee. Returning an item is called refund, and the percentage of this process is called refund rate.

Any refund rate lower than 10% is considered normal. However, the less the refund rate, the better and, it varies depending on the product. 

Eva shows each product refund rate based on the last 90 days.

How to check it on Eva?

There are several ways to find out. 

1- From Daily Sales: Hover on Eva menu on the left -> Select Operations Center -> Click on Daily Sales. 

You will see a chart and a table under that chart. The products sold and the information about these products are in the table below. You can find the refund rate on the far right of the page. 

How To Check Refund Rate On Eva - Eva

2- From SKU Scorecard: SKU Scorecard gives more insight into that SKU. You can easily learn more by clicking on the SKU name, and the following page appears:

How To Check Refund Rate On Eva - Eva

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