Introduction to Aggregated Stores View

When you have multiple stores, it might get harder to make an overall analysis and handle your businesses altogether. ‘Aggregated Stores View’ enables you to monitor all your sales, expenses, COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), and reimbursements over the last twelve months in one place and analyze all the stores holistically. 

On Aggretgetad Stores View, there are two charts, which respectively are ‘Sales & Finance’, and ‘Expenses, Refunds & COGS’.

Aggregated Sales & Finance Chart

Sales & Finance chart rolls out both categorical and numeric sales and finance data of all your stores.

Aggregated Expenses, Refunds & COGS Chart

Expenses, Refunds & COGS chart displays the aggregated data of expenses, refunds, and COGS; and gives a deeper insight of these outgoes in a chosen month or last 30 days. 

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