Aggregated Expenses, Refunds & COGS Chart

Expenses, Refunds & COGS chart displays the aggregated data of expenses, refunds, and COGS; and gives a deeper insight of these outgoes in a chosen month or last 30 days. 

These outgoes are plotted on a pie chart and their monetary amount is listed on the right side. Please see arrow 1 in Figure 1 below. You can scroll down or up with the cursor down below the list. Please see arrow 2 in Figure 1 below.

Image 177
Figure 1 – List Of Aggregated Expenses Refunds Cogs And Cursors

It is also possible to change the time range from the drop-down menu on the upper right side. To do so, go and hover on the time range or on the marker; a dropdown menu will appear, from which you can choose the time range. Please see Figure 2 below. 

Image 179
Figure 2 – Time Slot Dropdown Menu For Aggregated Expenses Refunds Cogs Chart

There is a color guide for the chart, each outgo is represented with a color, which you can see next to the name of the outgoes. 

On the pie chart, you can go and hover over a specific color and a pop-up text will appear. The pop-up text shows what this part of the chart stands for, and also the amount of the represented outgo. The rest of the outgoes will be thrown out of focus. Please see Figure 3 below. 

If you want to check a specific outgo on the chart, you can also go and hover over the name of the related outgo or its monetary amount on the right side. Only the data of the related outgo will be emphasized on the chart and the rest will be thrown out of focus. Please see Figure 3 below.

Image 180
Figure 3 – Emphasized Data On Expenses Refunds Cogs Chart

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