What happens if I have both FBM and FBA SKUs for a single ASIN?

First of all, congratulations, as we recommend having both FBA SKU and FBM SKUs to both Private Labels and Resellers. We call this Twin SKU, and it helps you in multiple ways.

If you are out of stock with your FBA SKU, you can continue selling with the FBM SKU. You will keep your bestseller and keyword rankings, avoid customer dissatisfaction, keep your advertising running. (To make this work, you definitely need to work with a 3PL Service like Eva Warehouse, where FBM Orders can be fulfilled seamlessly.) The comparison between the FBA and FBM SKU reduces the time to decide, increases the conversion.

Eva is Intelligent to handle both FBA and FBM SKUs simultaneously for the pricing strategy.

Once you enable the pricing for both SKUs, Eva’s Artificial Intelligence will ensure that FBA is the primary and FBM is the secondary. FBM will be priced X% above the FBA version to avoid selling FBM while FBA is available. FBA SKU prices will start changing with demand and inventory-based pricing, and FBM will follow the changes while maintaining the gap. Please see figure 1 below:

Image 21
Figure 1: FBA-FBM Competition

If FBA is out of stock, the FBM price will match the FBA one, and customers can continue to purchase your product.
We observed another advantage on thousands of products having twin SKUs; consumers think another seller is selling on the listing with a more expensive price.

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