Pricing Management SKU Filters

Pricing Management Filters help you to customize your SKUs by filtering them. This option helps you to analyze your SKUs more efficiently and accordingly. This is very useful for the users to search specific SKUs and observe their data.

You can also export a spreadsheet with the specific SKU’s that you have filtered to help keep track of a large number of SKU’s. See figure 1.

Export As Filtered Button
figure 1 – Export As Filtered Button

The filters that can be applied can be found below.

Filter By:

This is the area where you can input your ASIN, SKU, FNSKU or Product Name to review the specific SKU that you are looking for. See figure 2.

Filter By Sku Filter
figure 2 – Filter By Sku Filter

Fulfillment By:

This filter option allows you to search between your FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) SKUs. See figure 3.

Fulfilment By Filter
figure 3 – Fulfilment By Filter

Inventory Status:

This filter enables you to customize your SKU list by its inventory status.

You can choose “All” option to review your full inventory.

“Available” for SKUs that are ready to be sold.

“FC Transfer” for SKUs that are being transferred between warehouses.

“Out of stock” for the SKUs that you ran out of.

“Closed” for SKUs that you closed and “Blocked” for SKUs that you blocked.

See figure 4.

Inventory Status Filter
figure 4 – Inventory Status Filter


This is the filter where you can see for which SKUs you have enabled Eva’s pricing algorithm and for which you have not. See figure 5.

Pricing Filter
figure 5 – Pricing Filter

Buy Box Status:

This is the area where you can observe and analyze your buy box statuses.

The “Buy Box Win” option helps you to see the SKUs for which you own buy box

“Buy Box Chasing” stand for the SKUs for which Eva is trying to own the buy box.

“No Buy Box” option is for those SKUs of which buy boxes are suppressed.

“Buy Box win by Amazon below min. price” is for those SKUs of which buy box price is lower than their minimum prices and won by Amazon.

“Buy Box price below min. price” is the SKUs that are out of the competition since their minimum prices are higher than the buy box price.

“Buy Box win with min. price” is the SKUs that has the buy box with the minimum price.

“Buy Box win with max. price” is the SKUs that won the buy box with the maximum price the user has set.

See figure 6.

Buy Box Status Filter 2
figure 6 – Buy Box Status Filter
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