Similar Products Pricing

You can both monitor and compete with similar products that might be a substitute for your product thanks to the “Similar Products Pricing” feature even though these products have different ASINs.

To use this feature, go to the pricing management page. Find the ASIN for which you want to enable the ‘Similar Products Pricing’ feature by filtering the ASINs.

Click on the “Pricing Actions and Analytics” button for the chosen ASIN. Please note that pricing must be “enabled” for the ASIN in order to use the “Similar ASIN Pricing” feature. Please see Figure 1 below. 

Pricing Actions And Analytics Button Pricing Enabled
Figure 1 Pricing Actions And Analytics Button & Pricing Enabled Toggle

Once the “Pricing Actions and Analytics” screen is open, go and click on the “Similar Products Pricing” tab. Please see Figure 2 below.  

Similar Products Pricing Tab
Figure 2 Similar Products Pricing Tab

You have to add manually the products with which you want to compete or you want to monitor. To do so, go and click on the “+ Add New/ Search” button on the upper right side. Please see Figure 3 below. Please note that you can add maximum three ASINs.

Add New And Search
Figure 3 Add New / Search Button

When you click on the “Add New / Search” button, a pop-up screen will appear. On this screen, you can “Find Products on Amazon“. Go and “enter product name, phrase or identifiers (ASIN, ISBN, GCID, UPC, EAN, JAN)” in the related field. Please see arrow 1 in Figure 4 below. You can choose a specific “category” in which you want to search for a product. To do so, go and choose the “category” from the dropdown menu. Please see arrow 2 in Figure 4 below. T

Then click on the “Search” button, the “Search Results” will be listed below with the information of “Category“, “Sales Rank (BSR)” and “Listing Price“. You can add the products you want to monitor or compete with by clicking on the “Add” button. Please see arrow 3 in Figure 4 below.

Find Products On Amazon Screen 1
Figure 4 Find Products On Amazon Screen

Once you finish adding products, close the pop-up screen by using the “exit” icon on the upper left side.

The products you added will be listed under the name of “Similar Products List” with detailed information, which respectively are “Product name” and “ASIN“, “Sales Rank (BSR)”, “Listing Price“, “Competition Rate”, “Potential Max. Price“, the chosen “date” on the chart. Please see Figure 5 below.

Similar Products List
Figure 5 Similar Products List

When you click on an ASIN, you can also see further details such as “product dimensions”, “Parent ASIN”, and Link to the “Parent ASIN Page”. Please see Figure 6 below. 

Extra Information For Each Asin
Figure 6 Extra Information For Each ASIN

If you want to remove an ASIN, there is a “delete” button symbolized with “X”. You can discard the chosen ASINs any time you want. Please see arrow 1 in Figure 7 below. 

You can monitor the ASINs you choose always but if you want to “Compete” with them, you have to enable “competing“. To do so, use the toggle for the related ASIN. Please note that you can compete with chosen ASINs and just monitor the rest of the added ASINs. Please see arrow 2 in Figure 7 below.

Toggle And Delete Button
Figure 7 Toggle And Delete Button

When you choose to compete, a pop-up screen will appear. On this screen, you are required to enter a value for “Percentage” and choose an option for “Percentage Calculation Option“.

Please note that the percentage value can be between 1 and 99 and the ‘Percentage Calculation Options’ are “above” and “below”, which means you will lower or increase your competition max price on a certain percentage based on the listing price of your competitor. Please see Figure 8 below.

Pop Up Text 1
Figure 8  Required Fileds For Calculation Of Competition Max Price

Fill in the required fields and click “Calculate” and then save it by clicking on “Accept“.

You can update your competition rate anytime you want by clicking on the “Update” button under the “Competiton Rate” column. Please see Figure 9 below.

Update Button 1
Figure 9 Update Button

 If your potential max price is not between your min and max price, you can save this potential max price for future calculation; however, it will not be used by Eva as a valid price. Please see Figure 10 below. Indicating this, there will be a “NA” symbol next to the potential price. When you hover over the “NA” symbol, you will see the explanation. Please see Figure 11 below.

Out Of Range Potential Max Price Notice
Figure 10 Out Of Range Potential Max Price Notice
Na Symbol
Figure 11 NA Symbol

Once you calculate the Potential Max price for the ASINs with which you want to compete, the lowest “Potential Max Price” is determined as the “Competition Max Price” for the competition. This price is marked with a star and displayed in green color. Please see arrow 1 in Figure 12 below. 

You can also track the current Max price on the upper right side. Please note that the listing price of the competitors will be extracted every six hours from Amazon and each max price will be calculated with the most up-to-date figures. Please see arrow 2 in Figure 12 below.

Competition Max Price
Figure 12 Competition Max Price

It is possible to track all the relevant data with the interactive chart. On the chart, the relevant data over the last thirty days is displayed, starting from the day you add a similar product to your list. On this chart, the competition is illustrated with ⯁ shape, and monitoring is illustrated with ■ shape.

You can hover over a day and a pop-up list, showing your sales price and your competitors’ sales price, will appear. When you click on the date, you can also see the “Similar Products List” for the chosen day down below. Please see Figure 13 below.

Similar Products Chart
Similar Products Chart
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