Master and Slave Store Feature on Eva

You can connect multiple marketplaces to Eva. Once you connect your marketplaces, you can select one of your marketplaces as the master, In other words, the main store. By choosing a master store, you will be able to transfer your main store’s Min Price, Max Price, Fixed Price, MAP Price, Product and Additional Cost to your other marketplaces. Other than that, Eva will be converting the currencies between your marketplaces, accordingly.

This feature solves the problem of putting information such as cost, min price to each marketplace by going over every SKU one by one. As an Amazon seller, you naturally might have different costs and minimum prices on each of your marketplaces according to their countries. Therefore, you can set Eva to transfer your price information more or less.

You can find the feature by clicking on the Manage Settings button on the Pricing Management tab. To navigate to such sections, please refer to Figure 1 and 2.

Masterstore 1
Figure 1 – Pricing Management Tab
Masterstore 2 1
Figure 2 – Manage Settings

A pop-up screen will appear. On this pop-up screen, there is a Convert Master Store Currency field. For the marketplace you want to decrease or increase the price based on the master store, go and click on the checkbox. For the selected stores, you can decrease or increase the price by a certain percentage. Go and fill in the “percentage” field and choose Above or Below from the dropdown menu. Please refer to Figure 3.

Masterstore 3 1
Figure 3 – Master Store Adjustments

After configuring your information, you can save it by clicking on Save. Please refer to Figure 4.

Masterstore 4
Figure 4 – Saving the Changes

If you would like Eva to sync your master store’s price information every day with your other marketplaces, you can toggle Daily Auto Sync. Please refer to Figure 5.

Masterstore 5
Figure 5 – Daily Auto Sync
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