Buy Box Sharing

In order to enable “Buy Box Sharing” for your SKUs, you can click on the “Pricing Settings” button right below the “Set Current Price” in each SKU row. Please see Figure 1 below.

Buy Box Sharing 1
Figure 1 – The SKU row and the Pricing Settings button

In the “Competitive Pricing” section, you can click on “Enable Buy Box Sharing” to open the percentage slider and set a “Min. Buy Box Ownership” percentage. See Figure 2.

Please make sure you click on “Save” to set your desired settings.

Buy Box Sharing 2 4
Figure 2: Enable Buy Box Sharing settings

First, Eva will achieve Buy Box Ownership percentage that is set. Second, Eva will start sharing the Buy Box with other competitors on your listing.

You can see the percentage of Buy Box Ownership by clicking on the “Pricing Actions and Analytics” button on the SKU you are trying to make settings. Please see Figure 3.

Buy Box Sharing 3 1
Figure 3 – Pricing Actions and Analytics Button

On the “Pricing Action and Analytics” page, you will find the current “Buy Box Ownership” percentage. Please see Figure 4.

Figure 4 – Buy Box Ownership percentage

By clicking on “Store Level Settings“, you can also apply Buy Box Sharing for your entire store. See Figure 5.

Buy Box Sharing 4 1
Figure 5: Store Level Settings

You can find the Toggle in the “Other Pricing Settings” area of the pop-up screen. By clicking on “Enable Buy Box Sharing”, the “Buy Box Ownership Level” slider will be shown and allow you to input your setting. See Figure 6.

Please make sure you click on “Save” to set your desired settings.

Buy Box Sharing 5 3
Figure 6: Enable Buy Box Sharing at Store Level Settings

Please note that the settings made on your individual SKU will override store-level decisions.

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