Walmart Integration

Eva gives seamless integration with Walmart stores to simultaneously synchronize your listing prices on Amazon without any hassle.

You can sync your Walmart and once Eva makes changes to your prices, you will be able to see price changes accordingly.

You will be able to map your Amazon SKUs with Walmart SKUs and sync your prices. What will happen is that our dynamic pricing tool will change the price of the mapped SKU, and we’ll be reflecting the changes on the Walmart SKU.

The steps you need to take are easy to follow. So you can start your Walmart repricing journey with Eva in no time. Let’s start from the beginning.

P.S. The Walmart integration is available for the US marketplace only. The other marketplaces will be available soon!

To connect your account, hover over the menu and click on ”Integrations” and click on the ”Connect” button to enter your shop information. See Figure 1 below.

Image 37
Figure 1 – Integrations

On the pop-up screen;

  1. Enter your Partner ID.
  2. Enter your Client ID.
  3. Enter your ClientSecret ID. See Figure 2 below.
Image 3
Figure 2- Pop up screen

In order to find that information, you can follow these steps;

  1. Click on the link log in with your Walmart Seller Center account details.
  2. You should see a page (titled “Generate Your API Keys”).
  3. If you don’t see the Client ID and Client Secret. Please click the reset button.

After these steps, you can start the connection process quickly.

Then click on the ‘Manage‘ button for Walmart. See Figure 3 below.

Image 4
Figure 3- Manage

Click on the ‘Sync your Amazon prices to Walmart‘ button in order to see the dropdown list. Click on ‘Request Template‘ and once it is ready, ‘Download the Template‘. See Figure 4 below.

Image 5
Figure 4 – Request Template

Once you download the template you will see the Product Name, Amazon SKUs and Walmart SKUs. Enter your Walmart SKUs to match with Amazon. After you have entered your Walmart SKU, make sure to change the ‘Sync Status‘ to ‘Enable‘. See Figure 5 below.

Image 6
Figure 5 – Template

Once you have done that, Upload the Template to Eva. See Figure 6 below.

Image 41
Image 6 – Upload template

You can also sync your Sale Prices with Walmart. The prices you have added to Eva will be effective on your Walmart account if they are integrated with Eva. See Figure 7 below.

Figure 7 – Sale Price for Walmart

After you upload your template, your prices will be synced, and you are all set.

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