Vendor Recovery Dashboard

Using Recovery Dashboard page, keeping track of your vendor recoveries is made super easy. To access the page, click the Recovery Dashboard on the left menu.

When you open the page, two cards are welcoming you on the upper sides:

  • The information displayed on the first card is Recovery Inventory and Potential Recovery Inventory.
  • On the second card, you can view Recovery Amount and Potential Financial Amount information.

Recovery Dashboard
Figure 1 – Recovery Dashboard

Recovery Overview chart displays Recovery Amount and Quantities and a monthly data. You can hover over a specific month to see its breakdown.

Recovery Overview
Figure 2 – Recovery Overview Chart

On the Invoice Overview table below you can find a list of the invoices created by our team. The table displays data such as the Invoice Number, Purchase Order Number, Invoice Date, Invoice Due Date, Invoice Approved Date, Recovery Amount, Recovery Quantity, Potential Quantity, Invoice Status, Storage Amount, and Shortage Quantity. Click the Details button to view the products included in the invoice, please see Figure 3.

Invoice Overview 1
Figure 3 – Invoice Overview

Details page lists the ASINs and Product Names of included products, as well as a breakdown of the other data by product.

Invocie Details 1
Figure 4 – Invoice Details

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