Bulk Update

Instead of editing every SKU one by one, you can prefer the Bulk Update option.

Request Template

To do so, go to the Pricing Management page. On the upper right side, there are four buttons which respectively are Request Template, Upload Template, Export as Filtered, and Template History. See Figure 1.

Image 13
Figure 1 – Pricing Management and Buttons

To create a template for your store, hover on the Request Template button. There, you will see two template options which are Pricing Template and Advanced Settings Template. See Figure 2.

Image 14
Figure 2 – Pricing Template and Advanced Pricing Template

To request a template, click on the one that you prefer and it will be ready after some time depending on your SKU count, in the meantime, you will see In Progress while your template is getting ready. See Figure 3.

Image 15
Figure 3 – In Progress

Once the request is completed, the button will turn into Download Template button. To download the created template for your store, click on the button. See Figure 4.

Image 16
Figure 4 – Download Template

The downloaded template has three sheets which respectively are HELP, Example, and Bulk Update. See Figure 5 below.

Three Sheets
Figure 5 Three Sheets

On the Help sheet, you can find the explanation of the columns on the Bulk Update sheet. If you are not sure what kind of information you should enter into a column, you can consult this sheet. To see the detailed explanation, go and double-click on the related column. See Figure 6 below.

Help Sheet
Figure 6 Help Sheet

On the “Example” sheet, you can see an illustration of a filled-up template. See Figure 6 below.

Bulk Update sheet is the one on which you need to make changes. SKU, ASIN, and FULFILMENT CHANNEL fields are automatically filled in. Fill in the other required fields as explained on the HELP sheet and save the changes.

Upload Template

To proceed with the bulk update option, you have to upload the template on which you made changes. To do so, click on the Upload Template button. A pop-up screen will appear. Drag or browse your file here. The process takes a while depending on the number of your listings. Please see Figure 7 below.

Pop Up Screen
Figure 7 Pop Up Screen

The upload status is shown on the right side of the pop-up screen. If there are any failed SKUs, you can download these SKUs by clicking on the Download Failed SKUs button and after making the necessary changes, upload them again by following the same steps. See Figure 8 below.

Upload Status
Figure 8 Upload Status And Download Failed SKUs

Export as Filtered

You can export a CSV file that provides detailed information for each SKU such as Current Price, Buy Box Price, Quantity Available, Quantity Inbound, and many more.

You can filter the SKUs that you want to be in this CSV file. To do so, go to Filter by field and choose the filter options you need. See Figure 9 below.

Filter By
Figure 9 Filter By

After choosing the filters, go and click on Export as Filtered button on the upper right side. Please see Figure 10 below.

Export As Filtered Button
Figure 10 Export As Filtered Button

The CSV file will be downloaded to your computer with the information of the SKUs you filtered.

Pricing Template

Pricing Template is the template for the general information of your SKU. This template includes the settings below.

  • Minimum Price
  • Maximum Price
  • MAP Price
  • Fixed Price
  • Cost
  • ROI(%)
  • Margin(%)
  • VAT on Product Cost
  • VAT on Sales
  • FBM Shipping
  • Shipping to FBA Cost
  • Additional Cost
  • Enable Repricing

Advanced Settings Template

Advanced Settings Template is the template that involves the settings on the Advanced Pricing Settings. This template includes the settings below.

  • Enable Buybox Sharing
  • Minimum Buybox Ownership(%)
  • Enable Fulfillment Channel Competition
  • Inventory Protection Days
  • SKU or Store Level for Inventory Protection Days
  • Enable Price Rounding
  • SKU or Store Level for Price Rounding
  • Price Rounding First Digit
  • Price Rounding Last Digit
  • Target Velocity

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