Sale Price

Now, Eva offers you a unique feature in which you can set Sale Prices for your SKUs easily!

This feature will allow you to enter multiple rules with a date and time range to boost your sales and increase your profits.

How to set a sale price?

Step 1: Visit the Pricing Management tab on the left panel.

Step 2: Click on the button called Add Sale Price. Please see Figure 1.

Sales Price
Sales Price – Figure 1

Step 3: Click on the button Add a New Rule. See Figure 2.

Add a New Rule – Figure 2

Step 4: Set a Sale Price accordingly to your Sale.

Step 5: Select the date ranges and the time interval you want for your Sale Price. See Figure 3.

Image 45
Figure 3

If you decide to use dynamic pricing, your sales price will be calculated from your current price. So, you don’t need to enter the sales price for this setting, we’ll be arranging the sales price for you!
Please see Figure 4.

Image 46
Figure 4

You can add multiple Sale Prices as long as the rules are not overlapped! You can add, edit or delete the Sale Price rules accordingly to your business strategies as you desire. See Figure 5.

Image 3
Sale Price Add, Edit, or Delete Functions – Figure 5

Step 6: Click the Save button and your settings will be saved. See Figure 6.

Image 4
Sale Price Save Button – Figure 6

Remember! The sale price can only be between your min-max price range.

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