How to Set MAP Pricing

To set a “MAP price” (Minimum Advertised Pricing) on your listings; click on the “Pricing Management” tab on the navigation panel of Eva. Please see Figure 1 below.

Image 4
Figure 1 – The Pricing Management panel

Click on the “Update” button on the SKU to open a popup labeled “Advanced Pricing Settings“. Please see figure 2 & 3 below:

Image 14
Figure 2- The SKU row and the location on the Update button on it
Image 15
Figure 3 – The pop-up Update panel

In the popup menu, click on the Set MAP Price checkbox and enter your desired price in the “Set MAP Price” field. Please see figure 3 above:

Please note that the MAP Price value can be entered less than Min Price value. however the automated pricing still cannot exceed the minimum and maximum values.

For more detailed control, you can add a specific time frame for your MAP price to be active in. To do this, click on the blue “Edit” button and then on the “+Add” option that will appear below. After that, you can choose the days and hours you wish to schedule a MAP price on. Please note that your regular set minimum price will be applied inside that time frame and your MAP price will operate outside of them.

You can also set additional times by clicking on the “+Add” button. See Figure 4:

Image 16
Figure 4 – Scheduling MAP price on the Update panel

And select your desired time frames. See Figure 4:

Image 12
Figure 5 – Schedule MAP price time frames

Once you are done making your changes, make sure to click on the “Save” button to save your settings.

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