How to Get a Monthly Reimbursement Report?

Creating a reimbursement report within the Eva platform is a straightforward and efficient process. This report allows you to download an Excel file containing all the reimbursement cases requested within your specified time frame. Follow these steps to create your report:

Step 1: Navigate to the Reimbursement Analytics Page

  • Go to the Reimbursement Analytics page within the Reimbursement domain. You can find this option easily. Please refer to Figure 1 for guidance.

Figure 1 – Reimbursement Analytics

Step 2: Access the Case Overview Table

  • Scroll down to locate the Case Overview table, where you can view all your reimbursement cases along with their statuses.

Step 3: Select the Desired Month

  • To generate the report for a specific month, use the Date filter in the filter section. Simply choose the desired month from the options available. Please refer to Figure 2 for a visual reference.

Image 1
Figure 2 – Selecting Dates

Step 4: Choose Eva in the “Created By” filter.

Image 3
Figure 3 – Selecting Eva

Step 5: Export Your Report

  • After selecting the desired month, the cases for that month will be displayed. To obtain your report, click on the Export button. Your report will be downloaded as an Excel file, containing comprehensive information about all your cases for that specific month. You can use this report to investigate the details and monitor the status of your reimbursements. Refer to Figure 4 for assistance.

Image 2
Figure 4 – Exporting the Report

Both the Account-Level Export and the Export Button serve distinct purposes in the reimbursement case overview:

  • The Account-Level Export provides a broader perspective, encompassing regional data and marketplace details.
  • The Export Button offers precise insights into individual product and specific store’s data.

Combining information from both exports equips you with the necessary tools to effectively investigate and resolve your reimbursement cases.

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