Let’s Get You Connected to Eva!

There are 3 simple steps you should follow to start your journey with Eva. In this article we will explain:

1. How To Create Your Eva Account

2. How To Connect Your Store(s) To Eva

3. How To Connect Your Advertising Account To Eva

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

How to Create an Account on Eva?

Go to eva.guru and click the “Get Started For Free” button. See Figure 1

How To Get Started With Eva
Figure 1 – How To Get Started With Eva

You’ll be redirected to https://iapp.eva.guru/welcome to create an account.

Enter the necessary information such as the “email, name, and password” and then click “Create Eva Account”. See Figure 2.

NOTE: If you have a promo code or special offer, please enter during the registration process.

Image 23
Figure 2 – create account

Click on Create Eva Account, then verify your account from the email address you used to register with Eva.

The verification email will look like the figure below, you need to click “Confirm My Email Address“. See Figure 3.

Image 24
Figure 3 – Verify

Your account is ready! You can go to https://iapp.eva.guru/login and login into your account.

How to Connect Your Stores to Eva?

Login to Eva and select your region and seller type. Fill in the required fields and click ‘Next’.

Image 28
Figure 4 – region
Image 29
Figure 5 – seller central

When you click on Go to Seller Central, you will be automatically directed to Amazon. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central and give authorization to Eva.

Image 26
Figure 6 – permission

Once you give the permission, click on Login to Eva now button to be directed to the Eva page.

On the same pop-up screen, you must select your stores to connect from the list and click the button “connect” to complete the process.

Image 30
Figure 7 – marketplace

And you are set!

Now let’s connect your advertising account.

How to Connect Your Advertising Account to Eva?

After you connect your marketplaces and click next you can connect your Advertising center.

Image 13
Figure 8 – advertising

If you like to connect your advertising store later, once you are logged in to Eva, all you have to do is, go to the Advertising center and click on connect ad account.

Image 28
Figure 9 – advertising center

You will be redirected to Amazon Seller Central. Click ‘Allow’ to give access to Eva.

Welcome to Eva!

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