How to Set a Current Price

If you want to change the price of an SKU you can do so by using the Set Current Price feature in Eva in three simple steps.

To set a Current Price on your listings; click on the “Pricing Management” tab on the left menu of Eva. Please see Figure 1:

Pricing Management
Figure 1 – Pricing Management

Choose the SKU for which you want to set a Current Price. Click the “Set Current Price” button marked in red on Figure 2 below:

Figure 2 Set Current Price Button
Figure 2 – Set Current Price Button

Enter the Current price value you want to set for your SKU in the pop-up window that opens, then click the Save button to save it. Please see Figure 3:

Figure 3 Current Price Pop Up Window
Figure 3 – Current Price Pop-Up Window

And you’re done! The changes you made will be reflected on Amazon in a few minutes.

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