Amazon Payouts

Eva’s Amazon Payouts Card in the Store Overview includes an export functionality for this chart. You can export ‘Payout Analytics’ in Microsoft Excel by clicking the “Export” button.

Screenshot 2024 04 19 152035
Screenshot 2024 04 19 152035

Upon downloading the exported file, click ‘Enable Editing’ to view detailed data.

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Figure 1 – Enable Editing

The Excel file contains two tabs: ‘Analytics’ and ‘Source Data.’

Source Data Tab:
Detailed information for each settlement transaction date is provided, including transaction type, order ID, fee details, and product cost for sold items, facilitating profit calculation for each transaction.

Analytics Tab:
This tab offers summarized data through filterable pivot tables, such as ‘Daily Sales Payment’ and ‘Sales Payment Trend Over Time.’ The former displays payout amounts and units sold for each transaction date, while the latter shows sale amounts, units sold, and profit for each order date. Both tables are complemented by combo charts for visual representation. Moreover, you can identify the most profitable products within a selected settlement period with the ‘Top 10 Profitable Products’ chart.

These features are designed to provide deeper insights into your sales and payouts, empowering you to make informed decisions to grow your business.”

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Figure 2 – Payout Charts

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