Release Note – 16 February 2022

We keep improving to continue to serve you better all the time. Check out our new improvements and features below!

1- Update Payment Method

You can now update your payment method freely from inside the Eva app. See Figure 1.

You can put your CC info on the Card Information popup and click on Update to save the changes.

2- User Management and Permissions

You can now add users under your admin account from the User settings section of the main settings. See Figure 2.

Once the users are added, you can manage their permissions and choose what they can see and reach.

3- Free Analytics Panel

You will now see 3 new cards in the executive dashboard that will display comparison data. The first 2 will compare a selected time frame to the previous past time frame while the last card will allow you to compare your marketplaces. This will help you to get a quick and organized insight on the status of your store and you are always up to date with your profits. The first card is where you can see your Sales and Order data. You can examine your sales-related profits, ROI, and Margin rates. You can change to a specific frame of time by hovering to the right top corner of the card where the data is written. See Figure 3.

The second card is where you can see your detailed profit analytics. The profit that is shown on that card also includes product costs. The products that do not have cost information will not be taken into consideration whilst the calculation of profit on this card. See Figure 4.

The third card is where you can see your marketplaces’ profits and sales so you do not have to switch between marketplaces to check the profit data and you can always be aware of them no matter in which store you are. See Figure 5.

4- Target Velocity Pricing

Stores will now be able to set a target velocity for their SKUs allowing you to set an initial price that will increase every time your target sales velocity is reached, protecting your inventory and increasing your profits. See Figure 6.

Please note that when you set the Target Velocity Pricing Option on, no other pricing methods will work including dynamic pricing.

5- Purchase Orders

Stores will now be able to upload purchase orders into EVA. You can easily create your order list, download them as a template and hand it over to your suppliers for orders. The purchase Order tab helps you keep track of and manage your orders inside the Eva app. You can see the status of your orders and enter information from your supplier, manufacturer, or factory to feed the required information into the replenishment panel, pricing management, and analytics pages.

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