The Top 4 Ways To Increase Sales Using Eva

Amazon is a giant pool of sellers and it is quite easy to get lost in the listings. Eva is here for you to optimize your listings, and grow your business and profit. Here is how you can achieve your goals with Eva.

Optimize Amazon Product Listing

Product listings are the first information customers see, but that’s not the only reason they’re important. Product listings are where SEO leverage comes from. Optimizing keywords for your product listings can help grow sales on Amazon.

Manually updating and optimizing your listing is possible but creates a lot of technical issues and labor for sellers and their teams.

Eva Advertising Services can handle this workload with its hardworking and expert team. Our service includes:

Amazon PPC Management
Amazon Sponsored Product Ads
Amazon Sponsored Video Ads
Inventory, Ranking & Price-Aware Advertising Decisions
Key Analytics & Reporting
Organic Ranking Improvements
Amazon DSP Management
Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads
Off-Amazon Marketing & Advertising
Bid Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
ACOS/TACOS Reduction

Protect Yourself From Competitors

In the past, AI-powered pricing technology could only be utilized by resellers competing for the Amazon Buy Box.

Eva provides a dynamic repricing tool to increase your sales and profit. Different pricing solutions for Resellers and Private labels create unique pricing for all of our customers. Taking into account competitors, sales trends, inventory levels, and many more parameters, Eva finds the juiciest price for your products.

Focus On Your Inventory

Competitive Amazon sellers should have consistently updated inventory levels across all competitive angles.

EVA has a very comprehensive Replenishment feature that covers all of the inventory for you. You can monitor how many items you need to replenish to Amazon and when to replenish them.

The replenishment system calculates your sales velocity to forecast replenishment levels and the most profit.

Discounts and Promotions

Discounts on Amazon continue to be a strong tactic for increasing sales and visibility of the product, additionally, increasing your Amazon search ranking often results in better reviews and positive product feedback, checking off multiple priority boxes for sellers.

You can use Eva’s Sale Price feature to have control over your discounts. You can let Eva calculate the best sale price for you or input your desired sale price. We are also providing the option to repeat the days of the sale price and choose specific dates to apply your sale price.

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