The Used Buy Box

What is the Used Buy Box?

According to the latest statistics, 83 % of all Amazon sales are received via Buy Box. Understanding Buy Box and filling the requirements set by Amazon to be eligible to get Buy Box has been and will continue to be a fundamental strategy for most sellers.

There are some criteria those sellers have to compete to win Buy Box and one of them is an item’s condition. A USED item is not eligible to get a Buy Box position over a new item. However, there is a Used Buy Box which is separate from the main Buy Box.

How do I get the Used Buy Box position?

As per requirements stated by Amazon, only sellers who meet the below-mentioned criteria are eligible to have Used Buy Box:

  • Having Professional Selling Plan
  • Having items be categorized under the media and book category
  • Having a subscription to Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)
  • Meeting Order Defect Rate targets
  • Having items Condition “Like New”, “Very Good” or “Good”

How can I increase my chance to get the Used Buy Box?

Landed Price

Make sure that your price is competitive. However, having the lowest price does not guarantee to win Used Buy Box.

Eva practices a SKUs-based pricing strategy to keep up with the competition for every SKU. Eva’s AI-based technology takes into consideration a lot of variables. If the sales velocity of an SKU is high, Eva does not hit rock bottom to sell the product. She keeps the price around the right spot for 1 to 15 days, depending on your BSR and the offers of other sellers, to sell the product at the highest possible price to maximize your profit.


Having items in stock.

Every FBA seller is aware that adjusting inventory when it comes to Amazon standards might be challenging, and your business needs to keep it balanced to get success. EVA has a very comprehensive Replenishment feature that covers all of the inventory for you. You can monitor how many items you need to replenish to Amazon and when to replenish them from that screen. You can find detailed information here.

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