SKU Scorecard Details

Every SKU differs from the other, and each of them should be analyzed separately. SKU Scorecard gives every piece of information you need to know. You can find the SKU Scorecard by clicking on an SKU. 

Sku Scorecard Details - Eva

SKU Scorecard consists of 2 different charts as Orders & Inventory Status and Pricing Status. At the top of these charts, you will see the product name, SKU and ASIN. Each of them can be copied from the icon on the left. 

To copy, hover on the icon, and a tooltip will appear. Click on the icon, and the tooltip will change from ‘Copy’ to ‘Copied.’ 

Furthermore, you can see if the SKU is fulfilled by Amazon or the Merchant. You will see the abbreviations: FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon while FBM stands for Fulfillment by Merchant. 

Click on ‘Visit Seller Central’ to be redirected to Amazon Seller Central or click on ‘See Product Page’ to view it on the Amazon product page. The arrow symbols next to the sentences will also work in a stated way.

Orders & Inventory Status 

As the title states, this card gives everything you need to know about that SKU’s order and inventory status. There is a customizable chart with date range options. It can be analyzed according to the ‘Last 30 Days’ or the ‘Last 7 Days’. Hover over time and change it from the dropdown menu.

Additionally, this chart lets you see your inventory as Available, Back Ordered and, Sales Units. The information of quantity is on the left, while sales are on the right. Both of them are given as units. 

More information can be found on the tooltip. Hover on the chart, and the tooltip will appear with the following: Date, Available Unit, Back Ordered Unit, Sales Units/Orders, Sales Amount, Average Selling Price.

Sku Scorecard Details - Eva

If you want to analyze your inventory separately, you can deselect the unwanted terms. For instance, let’s assume you would like only to see Sales Units

Sku Scorecard Details - Eva

As the figure states, the unselected terms will be colorless, and there will be only the selected term with its color. 

Under the chart, there is more information regarding the SKU. You can learn more about the category, sales rank (BSR), refund rate, average selling price, and unit sold.

Pricing Status

You can find more information about price changes on SKU based. This chart is based on the last 24 hours data and includes the current Buy Box price, your sales price, your min. price and your competitors’ prices’. More details can be found on the tooltip as in the Orders & Inventory Status.

Sku Scorecard Details - Eva

Eva shows your 3 competitor prices and offers you the chance to analyze better and get to know your competitors. 

Competitor prices give different information based on winning the Buy Box.

  1. Buy Box owner: If the SKU owns the Buy Box, competitor prices show the lowest 3 prices for the SKU.
  1. Buy Box chasing: If the SKU chases after the Buy Box, Competitor Price 1 shows the Buy Box price while Competitor Price 2 and Competitor Price 3 show the lowest 2 prices in the offer.
  1. No Buy Box: In some cases, there is no Buy Box. In that situation, competitor prices show the lowest 3 prices in the offer.

You may notice that there is a white line in the chart. This line means that you set your minimum price and, Eva will not sell lower than this price.

You will find out how many repricing decisions are there and the Buy Box wins ratio under the chart. 

If you would like to make changes on the SKU, click on ‘GO to Repricer,’ and you will be redirected to the Eva Intelligent Repricer. 

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