Reimbursement Overview Chart

Reimbursement Overview chart displays the ‘Reimbursed Amount’ and ‘Reimbursed Quantity information over the maximum last eighteen months.

It is a three-axis chart and each one is explained below.

Axis 1: This axis demonstrates the monetary amount in the currency of the marketplace of the store. You can see which currency is used in the brackets. Please see arrow 1 in Figure 1 below.

Axis 2: This axis demonstrates the historical data. All these data are batched on monthly basis. All the months for which you have reimbursement data over the last eighteen months are displayed on the chart. Please see arrow 2 in Figure 1 below.

Axis 3: This axis demonstrates the quantity information based on units. Please see arrow 3 in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1 Three Axeses Of Reimbursement Overview Chart
Figure 1 Three Axeses Of Reimbursement Overview Chart

It is an interactive chart. When you hover over a month, a pop-up text will appear, on which you can see the details of ‘Reimbursed Amount’ and ‘Reimbursed Quantity’ for the chosen month. Please see Figure 2 below.

Figure 2 Reimbursement Overview Pop Up Text
Figure 2 Reimbursement Overview Pop Up Text

Reimbursement Overview chart is directly connected to ‘Reasons’ pie chart, which gives a deeper insight into the types of reimbursement cases for the chosen month. To be directed to the related ‘Reasons’ chart, go and click on a month. If you want to read further on ‘Reasons’ chart, please follow the link.

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