Reimbursement FAQ

Do I Need to Sign a Contract?

The only thing you have to do is to be our customer. After you sign up for your order form you can contact the Customer Delight Team or click on the “Start Reimbursement Now” button on the “Reimbursement Analytics” page.

Which Marketplaces Does Eva Reimbursement Support?

We are serving on US, CA, MX, and all EU marketplaces including the UK.

How Much Will I Pay to Eva?

After you subscribe to any monthly plan, you can use our reimbursement service without any additional fee. For any claim accepted by Amazon, we charge a 20% recovery fee based on successful reimbursements. If you want to use only the reimbursement service of EVA, you can subscribe to the Starter package, this will give you access to all reimbursement analytics, and we can get your money back charged on a 20% success fee.

How Does The Claiming Process Work?

The day you started, our experienced reimbursement team analyzes your account in 18 different scenarios and start to open cases to Amazon for your reimbursable units. If Amazon accepts the claim, the reimbursed amount will be added to your account.

How Can I Track the Files?

You can track all opened cases on the “Reimbursement Analytics” page and see the status if it is “Pending” or “Closed”. The cases opened by Eva will be tagged “Eva”. Others will be tagged “Other”.

Why Do You Need Access?

We need permission to access your store to start to get your money back. This way, our experienced reimbursement team will be able to analyze the reports, open cases to Amazon to getting reimbursements in your Seller Central, and will fight to get back your money!

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