Reimbursement Case Overview

Case overview is the detailed list of the reimbursement cases that have been claimed in the last sixty days.

The cases are listed with detailed information which respectively is ‘Case ID’, ‘Reimbursement ID’, ‘Status’, ‘Total Reimbursed Amount’, ‘Inventory Cash Reimbursed’, ‘Inventory Reimbursed’, ‘Filed by’, ‘Filed Date’, and ‘Approval Date’.

All these are explained below:

  • Case ID is a specific ID number given for each case.
  • Reimbursement ID is a unique ID number for reimbursment that is refunded by Amazon.
  • Status might be ‘pending’, ‘in progress’, ‘approved’, ‘invoiced’, and ‘paid’.
  • Total Reimbursed Amount represents the sum of the monetary amount reimbursed both as inventory or in cash.
  • Inventory Cash Reimbursed is the number of the items that is reimbursed in cash.
  • Inventory Reimbursed is the number of the items reimbursed with replaced inventory.
  • Filed by refers who has cliamed a reimbursement file. It might be either ‘Other’ or ‘Eva’. If you receive Eva reimbursement service, the cases claimed by Eva reimbursement team are labeled as ‘Eva’. If there are cases claimed by someone else than the Eva team, those cases are labeled as ‘Other’.
  • Filed Date is the date when a case is claimed.
  • Approval Date is the date when a claimed case is refunded by Amazon.
Figure 1 Reimbursement Case Overview Detailed Information
Figure 1 Reimbursement Case Overview Detailed Information

You can download all the data as a spreadsheet by clicking on the ‘Export’ button on the upper right side. Please see arrow 1 in Figure 2 below.

You can monitor the last ten, the last twenty-five, or all the cases by using the drop-down menu on the bottom left side. Please see arrow 2 in Figure 2 below.

Reimbursement Case Overview 2
Figure 2 Reimbursement Case Overview

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