Pricing Actions and Analytics Card

This card enlightens on “pricing actions” and “analytics” on the SKU level.

You can find product-related information on the upper side. Please see Figure 1 below.

Product Related Information
Figure 1 Product-Related Information

It is possible to see respectively “Product Name“, “SKU“, “ASIN“, “Rank” and “Dimensions“. You can easily copy “Product Name“, “SKU“, “ASIN” by clicking on the little icon next to related text. When you hover over the icon, an informative text will pop up. Once you click on the icon, the related text will be copied automatically. Please see Figure 2 below.

Copy Icon
Figure 2 Copy Icon

Rank” illustrates the rank of the product in the category of the product sold. Please see Figure 3 below.

Rank And Category
Figure 3 Rank And Category

You can also see the dimensions of the product on this page. Please see Figure 4 below.

Figure 4 Dimensions

The tags represent the fulfillment type of the products, which can be either “FBA” or “FBM“; SKU status, which can be “Active“, “Out of Stock“, “Closed” or “Blocked“, and SKU condition, which can be “New“, “Like New“, “Very Good” “Good” or “Acceptable“. Please see Figure 5 below.

Sku Tags
Figure 5 SKU Tags

Next to the tags, you can see shortcuts to go to “Seller Central“, “Product Page” and “Offers Page“. You can visit all these pages with one single click. Please see Figure 6 below.

Figure 6 Shortcuts

If the SKU you check is in the “Replenihment Alert Interval” or “Stock Out Alert Interval“, there is notification indicating replenishment related information. Please see arrow 1 in Figure 7 below. In addition, there is a link that you can use to see the SKU on the “Replenihment” page. Please see arrow 2 in Figure 7 below.

Please note that red bell stands for “Stock Out Alert Interval” and yellow bell stands for “Replenihment Alert Interval“.

Replenishment Related Information
Figure 7 Replenishment Related Information

You can use “Back to Pricing Management” to go back to leave the “Pricing Actions and Analytics” card. Please see Figure 8 below.

Back To Pricing Management
Figure 8 Back To Pricing Management

Down below, there are four tabs and each of them gives SKU-related information on a particular aspect.

SKU Pricing and Buy Box” tab gives a deeper insight into the pricing decisions for the SKU. Please see Figure 9 below.

To read further on “SKU Pricing and Buy Box“, please click the button below.

Sku Pricing And Buybox Tab 1
Figure 9 SKU Pricing And Buybox Tab

Order and Inventory” chart gives a deeper insight into the inventory status and number of sales etc. Please see Figure 10 below.

To read further on “Order and Inventory“, please click the button below.

Order And Inventory Tab 2
Figure 10 Order And Inventory Tab

Profit Analytics” chart gives a deeper insight into profitability of the SKU. Please see Figure 11 below.

To read further on “Profit Analytics“, please click the button below.

Profit Analytics
Figure 11 Profit Analytics Tab

Similar Products Pricing” is a feature that enables you monitor and compete with products that have different ASINs but similar to your product. Please see Figure 12 below.

To read further on “Similar Products Pricing“, click the button below.

Similar Products Pricing
Figure 12 Similar Products Pricing Tab
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