Ignore Hijackers – Brands & Private Labels

As a brand owner or Private Label, it is very common to see your products are in the hands of resellers, known as hijackers. Normally, when Eva detects a hijacker on your listings she activates competitive mode to ensure you don’t lose the buy box and experience revenue loss. However, depending on your business strategy you may also prefer to not react and engage in pricing wars in this situation.

If you want to ignore hijackers when they show up on your listings, Eva makes that possible too.

To ignore competition with resellers, Eva has the feature “Ignore Hijackers”. When you enable this feature from Pricing Management>Pricing Settings>Brand Pricing Configuration, your product will not compete with hijackers.

Image 257
Figure 1 – Pricing Management
Image 258
Figure 2 – Ignore Hijackers

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your pricing settings and the pricing wars against resellers.

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