How to Read Pricing Status Chart

Eva consistently makes repricing decisions to win the Buy Box continuously. If Eva Intelligent Repricer is enabled, the Pricing Status Chart is available in SKU Scorecard. 

Reminder: Click on a SKU to reach SKU Scorecard.

How To Read Pricing Status Chart - Eva

Pricing Status Chart is based on the last 24 hours’ data. This chart consists of vital information such as the Buy Box price, your sales price, and top 3 competitors’ prices. As the below legend indicates, all of them have different symbols and colors. 

  • Buy Box Price: The green dot represents that you have got the Buy Box for that time. The purple dot represents that your competitors got the Buy Box. You can find the specific date and time in the tooltip. Hover on any point to learn more. 
  • Your Sales Price: Red line shows your selling price, and the red triangles reflect the price changes. If you own the Buy Box at that moment, green Buy Box Price dots and red triangles will intersect.
  • Competitor Prices: Eva shows your top 3 competitor prices and offers you the chance to analyze better and get to know your competitors. 

The details regarding the exact date, time, and prices can be found on the tooltip as shown below:

How To Read Pricing Status Chart - Eva

You may notice that there is a thicker white line in the chart. It shows your shows the price you set as your minimum price. Eva will always decide to set the price equal to or higher than this number. 

In some cases, there is no Buy Box. In these situations, competitor prices will show the lowest 3 prices for the SKU.

You will also find out how many repricing decisions are taken by Eva and the Buy Box Ownership ratio right under the chart. 

If you would like to make changes on the SKU, click on ‘GO to Repricer’, and you will be redirected to the Eva Intelligent Repricer.

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