Amazon Settlement Report Request

What is a Settlement Report?

As Amazon describes: ‘’Settlement reports provide a detailed breakdown of a merchant’s account activity for a given settlement period.’’

They give information about different types of fees Amazon charges and you can use this report to support your reconciliation processes. You should generate them regularly.

Why Do We Need This?

In order to give you more information and display your data on the charts, we simply ask you to request Settlement Reports from the Amazon Seller Central account. It will only take a few minutes and we will help you through with this guideline so don’t worry. Eva is always there for you.

How to Download?

1- Login to your Seller Central Account.

2- Go to Reports > Payments > All Settlement.

3- Select Date Range for 12 months.

Amazon Settlement Report Request - Eva

4- Locate the Settlement Periods.

5- Click on the Request Report.

Amazon Settlement Report Request - Eva

6- Request report for all Settlement Reports within 12 months range to avoid missing data.

Amazon Settlement Report Request - Eva
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